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Patient Experience Manager Helps Fulfill Patients’ Needs

In April 2013, Licking Memorial Health Systems (LMHS) added a Patient Experience Manager to its staff. Jane Simmons’ primary responsibility is to ensure that LMHS is providing a quality experience for all inpatients at the Hospital. “Ensuring excellent patient satisfaction is at the core of our values,” said LMHS President & CEO Rob Montagnese. “We felt this role was important to successfully fulfill the needs of each patient and solidify their positive experience.”

Throughout the week, Jane visits each patient who stays at the Hospital to make sure they are happy and that their needs are being met. “During our visits, we discuss the quality of their care and personal comfort,” said Jane. “Oftentimes, I have the opportunity to tend to special requests such as obtaining extra blankets, magazines or food. My role is to make sure each patient is satisfied with their Hospital stay and to help answer any questions they may have.”

To help with patients’ questions and concerns, Jane provides each patient with a personal journal as a gift from the Hospital. “The journal seems to be a patient favorite, and helps them personally keep track of their medical care, as well as questions they may have,” said Jane. “I tell patients that a journal helped me most when my mother was in the hospital, and I had a difficult time remembering things to ask the physician and nurse.”

Jane also gives each patient her business card, so when they leave the Hospital, she can be their primary contact person if a need arises. “Patients tend to feel comfortable talking to me because I am non-clinical, and I really try to get to know each of them on a personal level,” said Jane. “I treat them like I would like my family members to be treated – respect plays a big part.”

| Posted On : 10/1/2014 4:24:07 PM