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Virtual Tours
Welcome to Licking Memorial Health Systems Virtual Tours Section. Below are interactive virtual tours of our facilities. 

Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Services:
The Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation unit, located on the sixth floor of Licking Memorial Hospital, provides acute rehabilitation services for patients with disabilities caused by illnesses, surgeries, or injuries.  The goal of the Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation program is to help patients develop the skills necessary to live as independently as possible after leaving the Hospital.  Our interdisciplinary team approach toward rehabilitation ensures that each patient receives personalized care.
Betsy Eaton O’Neill Health Resource Center:
Located on the first floor of the Hospital, the Betsy Eaton O’Neill Health Resource Center provides educational tools for patients, family members, friends, and professionals who are involved in the physical and emotional care of those with medical illnesses.  The Health Resource Center offers an abundance of medical resources free of charge, including: computers, Internet access, reference manuals, anatomically correct models of internal organs, and health-related journals.  Our staff consists of volunteers with clinical backgrounds, who are available to answer questions and assist with research.  Visitors are also able to relax with a fresh cup of coffee and a snack in the Hospital’s Main Street Coffee Shop, located adjacent to the Resource Center.
Coronary Care Unit:
The Critical Care Units at Licking Memorial Hospital are located on the second floor and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.  Our focus is on special cardiac care as well as critical care for surgical and medical patients.  In the Coronary Care Unit, patients receive specialized care for cardiac diagnoses, which include but are not limited to: chest pain, congestive heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, and heart attacks.  Both private and semi-private rooms are available.  In order to ensure the highest level of patient safety, each patient bed is equipped with an alarm system to reduce the incidence of falls, and features a special mattress that helps prevent skin breakdown while providing comfort to the patients.  In addition, smart IV pumps are utilized to ensure correct dosage, and Bedside Medication Verification, a barcode system, further ensures that medication error is avoided.
Heart Failure Clinic:
Patients who are diagnosed with heart failure sometimes feel overwhelmed by the diagnosis and the lifestyle changes that their physicians recommend.  Licking Memorial Hospital offers an outpatient Heart Failure Clinic that provides education, assessment, monitoring, and advice to help heart failure patients make the lifestyle changes necessary to lead longer and healthier lives.  Our Heart Failure Clinic team consists of experienced cardiac nurses and pharmacists, with a cardiologist providing oversight.  The team teaches patients how heart failure affects their bodies and how to recognize developing symptoms before they worsen and require hospitalization.  In order to ensure personalized care, LMH provides a wide array of tools to help patients manage their condition.
The Licking Memorial Hospital (LMH) Hematology/Oncology Department focuses on the prevention, development, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, as well as disorders of the blood and blood-forming organs.  We offer a complete, comprehensive cancer treatment program and long-term follow-up care for adults with cancer.  To ensure the maximum level of patient safety, our Department utilizes Bedside Medication Verification, a barcode system that ensures medication error is avoided.  Each patient is provided with a comfortable recliner and television, as well as meals from the LMH Café, while receiving treatment.  In addition, massage therapy and pastoral care services are routinely available to all patients.  The Hematology/Oncology Department at LMH is affiliated with the Columbus Community Clinical Oncology Program, and has been continuously accredited by the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer (CoC) since 2000.  In 2012, LMH was one of only 79 facilities nationwide, and one of only two in the State of Ohio, to receive the CoC’s Outstanding Achievement Award.  
ICU Patient Room:
No area is more vital to a hospital than its Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  At Licking Memorial Hospital, we provide comprehensive, round-the-clock care to critical and severely ill patients.  The private ICU room is specially equipped with bed alarms and bedside monitors to provide the multidisciplinary medical team real time values including heart, respiration rates, and blood oxygen saturation levels to ensure that high quality patient care is achieved.  Should an emergency arise, the ICU patient room provides all the necessary tools, cardiac intervention, dialysis capability, Bedside Medication Verification and a computer for immediate access to the patient’s information and charts.
Maternal Child – Labor and Delivery Virtual Tour:
Licking Memorial Hospital is proud to provide one of the largest and most comfortable birthing suites in Central Ohio.  Wall-mounted flat screen televisions with DVD players and private showers help create a homelike environment for mothers-to-be, while massage therapy by a licensed therapist can ease discomfort of labor.  Upon the arrival of your newborn, comfortable recliners and upholstered benches create a family-friendly atmosphere.  There is even an oak rocking chair available for the family to become acquainted with the newest family member.  Well-equipped and convenient infant care stations are located in the room for examinations and stand ready should a more intensive medical need occur.  
Outpatient Laboratory:
Located near the Hospital’s front entrance, Licking Memorial Hospital’s Outpatient Laboratory focuses on convenience, efficiency, and comfort.  Outpatients have access to 24-hour service, 365 days per year, with touch-screen technology ensuring prompt registration service.  If the registration area is closed when the patient arrives, a phone is available at the front lobby desk, and an operator will contact a phlebotomist to greet them.  The new individual blood drawing rooms offer privacy, relaxed seating, and specimen label printing onsite.  In addition, there is a designated room set aside for pediatric patients or those individuals who need a recliner.
Pain Clinic:
Licking Memorial Hospital offers a Pain Clinic with a staff experienced in treating many types of chronic pain such as back pain, neck pain, or fibromyalgia.  Our physicians work with a variety of health professionals, including nurses, therapists, and other physicians, to find the best treatment option for each patient.  Pain Clinic staff members conduct a physical exam and review important medical records and tests in order to accurately diagnose the source of pain.  Treatment may include a single approach, but more often consists of a combination of a wide variety of treatments.
Patient Room:
Regardless of the duration of a patient’s stay, making his or her time at Licking Memorial Hospital as comfortable and safe as possible is at the heart of our patient room design.  Private whenever possible, these newly renovated rooms feature special hospital beds with air-enhanced mattresses that can be adjusted for maximum patient comfort, as well as private bathrooms, bedside computers, and built-in scales for weight monitoring.  Each of our patient rooms is equipped with bed and chair alarms, and heart telemetry monitoring is also available.  If a patient is at risk for falls, special alarms may be placed on his or her body to alert staff to danger as quickly as possible.
Pediatric Patient Room:
The pediatric patient rooms at Licking Memorial Hospital provide a comfortable, safe, and secure environment for children.  Private whenever possible, these newly renovated and beautifully furnished rooms are designed to hold beds or cribs.  Adding to a child’s comfort is an extra bed in the room so that a parent or caregiver may stay overnight.  Our pediatric beds are equipped with monitoring devices for heart and respiration rates with readouts closely monitored at the nearby nurse station.  Completing each pediatric room are a private bathroom, medical examination tools, and bedside infant scales.  To keep young patients entertained, we offer an entire library of age-appropriate DVDs, games, and more.
Postpartum Mother Baby:
Following the birth of a child, making those first hours a precious and memorable time for the entire family is important to Licking Memorial Hospital.  The warm, homelike décor of our Maternal Child postpartum private rooms includes oak rockers, recliners, and overnight accommodations for dads or other individuals providing support.  Each room also features a wall-mounted flat screen TV with a DVD player.  The relaxed atmosphere of our postpartum unit allows parents to bond with their baby while our professional nursing staff provides support and the one-on-one education necessary to ensure a smooth transition home.  A certified lactation consultant is available for breastfeeding moms.  If new moms would like to experience even more personalized service, they can try a therapeutic massage by a licensed massage therapist for post-delivery muscle relaxation.  Finally, for an unforgettable experience, a chef-prepared, candlelit, gourmet meal for two is served within the comfort and privacy of the room.
Radiology Department:
The Radiology Department at Licking Memorial Hospital strives to provide the highest quality radiologic services while pursuing continuous improvement and innovation by offering the advanced technology typically found in major metropolitan hospitals.  Innovations include a nuclear medicine expansion with two private injection rooms, three semi-private imaging rooms, and two replacement nuclear medicine gamma cameras, each equipped with state-of-the-art technology.  The Radiology Department also includes three new ultrasound imaging systems, the latest stereotactic breast biopsy system, a new Mammotome® dual vacuum-assisted tissue biopsy device and tissue specimen management device, three fully digital, mobile flouoroscopic C-arms for surgery, and three fully digital mobile X-ray systems.
Women’s Imaging Center:
Located within the Radiology Department on the first floor of the Hospital, our Women’s Imaging Center focuses on prevention by utilizing mammography to detect growths that cannot be felt by patients or their physicians.  Our all-female staff is certified in mammography.  In order to ensure high quality mammograms, the machines in our Center are accredited by the American College of Radiology and certified by the Food and Drug Administration.  
Wound Clinic:
The Wound Clinic at LMH assists patients who require care and treatment for chronic or complicated wounds.  In addition to our outpatient services, the Wound Clinic provides education and instructions to patients and family members in order to ensure safe and effective home care.  In order to deliver personalized treatment, the Wound Clinic staff designs an individualized program based on each patient’s specific needs.  Our staff may work with physicians, surgeons, diabetes educators, dieticians, physical therapists, or home care professionals as needed.  We are pleased to offer these options that help our patients return to a healthy and productive life as quickly as possible.