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Tobacco Cessation
Moundbuilders Doctors' Park, Building 2
1272 West Main Street
Newark, Ohio 43055

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (M-F)
Please call for additional appointment times

Phone: (220) 564-7848

Licking Memorial Hospital (LMH) Tobacco Cessation Program, Quit for Your Health, is designed to help people stop using tobacco. For most individuals, this requires the support of a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists. Our counselors utilize evidence-based techniques to help participants develop a plan that will offer an opportunity to become tobacco-free.

Following the initial consultation, participants are counseled individually for one or more additional sessions. These counseling sessions will provide techniques to cope with the behavioral and lifestyle changes that come when quitting tobacco use.

The Quit for Your Health program:
  • Uses nicotine replacement therapy, motivational interviewing, self-management education and relapse prevention strategies
  • Is led by certified specialists with training and experience to help people stop using tobacco
  • Utilizes a one-on-one relationship between client and counselor to increase the chances of successfully quitting
  • Creates personalized quit plans to meet your individual needs, including tools to help you prepare to stop using tobacco
  • Provides assistance in developing effective coping strategies to keep you tobacco-free
Individuals may enroll in the program through either a physician or self-referral. For more information, please call (220) 564-QUIT (7848).
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