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Health Handouts
Below you will find the education handouts for many of the tests and procedures performed at Licking Memorial Hospital as well as information on specific healthcare topics. 
These handouts are updated from time to time. Please return to the LMHS web site frequently to ensure that you have the latest information. For more information, please call Licking Memorial Hospital at: (220) 564-4000. Ask to talk to the department where the test will be performed.
Tests & Procedures
Cardiology - Heart tests
GI Endoscopy - Stomach & Colon Tests
Lab Tests
Pain Clinic Procedures
Pulmonary - Lung Tests
Radiology - X-Ray
Sleep Lab Tests
Vascular Lab Tests
Healthcare Topics
Bone & Joint
Brain & Nerve
COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Heart & Circulation
Lung & Airway
Mental Health
Stomach & Intestine