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Licking Memorial Diabetes Care
1865 Tamarack Road
Newark, Ohio 43055
Classes: Series of four, 2-hour sessions, weekly
12:00 Noon Wednesdays, except 7:00 p.m. in May and October
Dietitian Counseling by appointment only
General Information: (220) 564-4915
LMH Central Scheduling (to schedule or cancel an appointment or classes): (220) 564-4722
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It is imperative for patients with diabetes to learn how to achieve and maintain good blood glucose control. LMH offers two ways for patients with diabetes to learn more about managing their disease:

Diabetes Self-Management Classes
Our classes, designed by our registered nurses, dietitians and pharmacists, teach patients how to care for themselves on a daily basis, are approved by the American Diabetes Association. Topics include:

  • How to eat properly
  • Medication management
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Importance of activity
  • Problem solving
  • Reducing risks of diabetes complications

Personalized Dietitian Counseling
LMH's Diabetes Education Program offers two dietitians to assist with one-on-one patient diabetes management.

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Diabetes/Nutrition FAQs
Service Information

Your physician may refer you to the program, or you can schedule your appointment through LMH Central Scheduling at (220) 564-4722. You must have your physician provide an order for the classes and nutritional counseling. If you need further information on financial assistance prior to the classes, please call (220) 564-4915.